Adrien is my sister...not by choice, but by law

Adrien is my sister...not by choice, but by law. Sweet Adrien decided that I am somewhat funny. So, to satisfy her, I started this blog. Whether you will laugh or find me interesting, I can't predict, but no matter what you get out of this blog, just remember...Adrien Made Me Do It!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Lovin'

(in no particular order)

1. The children get to stay up late with me. During school they have a set schedule and we must never deviate from said schedule or chaos will ensue. In the summer, they can hang out with us and play until at least 10 or 11. I like having them around. Go figure.

2. Tank tops and sun dresses. The less clothes the better, right? It's nice to just slip on a simple dress or tank and shorts and go.

3. Flip-flops. Need I say more?

4. More daylight=more time to get things done. There are no more hours in the day, but it just feels like you have more energy. Honestly, I think humans should be allowed to hibernate in the winter. Six am in June brings sunlight into my window that inspires me to get out of bed. Six am in December just depresses me.

5. More time to get things done=a cleaner house. A cleaner house=a happier Tess.

6. "I'm breaking up with you, Sanyo." Mostly everything that I normally watch is a re-run or off the air and I send the television addict in me to rehab. It's nice to read books and bake. However, I still listen to Everybody Loves Raymond episodes in the kitchen. What do you want from me? I never said I was perfect.

7. No sports. It is a wonderful thing to sleep in on a Saturday. Baseball is over, football hasn't started and basketball is a winter sport. AHHHHhhhhhh.

8. No homework. I DID NOT have a Science textbook in the second grade and neither should my child. Seriously, people. Why does my 7 year old already need to understand the properties of a matter? Isn't it enough that she knows the difference between wood and plastic? And, I guarantee that she can name more oceans than me. The child has never been to the ocean, but she can tell you which ones touch the United States. I'll have to hire a professional tutor to help her by the time she gets to 5th grade. What happened to kids being kids? Why is it that every child has to start preparing for college before they can efficiently wipe their own behind?

9. Lazy days in the backyard. We have a little 10x4 pool that the kids play in and you would think that we had a luxury in-ground pool with a grotto. They love it and play in it at least every other day. They don't need toys, they just use their imagination. It's a awesome thing to witness.

10. Just... being. During the school year and especially fall, my life spins out of control. There is always something going on and I never feel like I get to have those little moments with my family that I cherish so much. You know, like when someone tiny wakes you up with a little kiss on the forehead and terrible morning breath because they are ready to start a new day. You open your eyes to this little face with eye boogers and drool stains and hair that looks as though your first call that day may need to be to an exterminator because the rats have nested. Is there anything more beautiful? Not in my world.

So, enjoy your summer. I'm going to enjoy mine!!!

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  1. Tessa, I love this so much I posted my own. But what really intrigues me is that you posted this at 4:50 am ????? Girl, I know it gets light earlier, but what are you doing up this early?!?!?!


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